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Monday, September 9, 2019

Computer Keyboard Keys and Their Functions


Overview of Keyboard | Computer Keyboard Keys and their functions in English

In This Post, we will tell about the computer keyboard keys and their functions. We will tell you how to keyboard keys are used when we will work on keyboard. Every Keyboard Keys have their different Functions. So Lets Start about Computer Keyboard keys and Their functions

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Computer Keys and Their Functions Image

1. Functions Key: - (12 Keys)

Keys labeled from F1 to F12 are function keys. We use them to perform specific functions. Their functions differ from program to program. The function of the F1 key is most programs is to access the help file associated with a program. In Keyboard there are 12 Function Keys.

2. Alphabetic Keys: - (26 keys)

Keys labeled from A to Z are Alphabetic keys.  These are keys which are used to entering text and names. In keyboard there are 26 alphabetic keys.

3. Numerical Keys: - (10 Keys)

Keys labeled from 0 to 9 are Numerical Keys.  These are keys which are used to entering numbers.
In Keyboard there are 10 Numerical keys.

4. Spacebar Key:-

Spacebar key is used to enter blank space between two words. In Keyboard there is only 1 spacebar key.

5.  Punctuation Keys:-
Punctuation keys include keys for punctuation marks, such as colon (:), semicolon (;), question mark (?), single quotation marks (‘ ‘), and double quotation marks (“ “).

6. Windows Logo Key:-
Most Keyboards include a special key called window logo key. This key is used to open the start menu, or is used in combination with a second key to perform common windows tasks. This key is located between the CTRL key and the ALT Key.

7. Insert Key:-

When the INSERT key is turned ON, it helps you overwrite characters to the right of the cursor.
When the INSERT key is turned OFF, it helps you enter text or characters to the right of cursor, without overwriting this text or characters.

8. DELETE Key:-

The DELETE key is used to remove typed text, characters, and other objects on the right side of the cursor.


The BACKSPACE key is used to remove typed text, characters, and other objects on the left side of the cursor.

10. CAPS LOCK Key:-

CAPS LOCK Key is used to type the all letters in capital form. When CAPS LOCK Key is turned ON, all the letters will be typed in capital form.

11. NUM LOCK Key:-

NUM LOCK Key is used to activate the numerical key right side on the keyboard.

12. Navigation Keys:-

Keys such as the Arrow Keys, HOME, END, PAGE UP, and PAGE DOWN are Navigation Keys.
We use the arrow keys to move the cursor up, down, right, and left.
HOME Key moves the cursor to the end of a line.
PAGE UP Key is used to move one page up while viewing a document.
PAGE DOWN Key is used to move one page down while viewing a document.

13. ENTER Key/RETURN Key:-

ENTER Key/RETURN Key is used to move the cursor to the beginning of a new line.

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